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Power of Attorney Documentation

We can complete all stages in production of a Power of Attorney document for you, from preparing the initial draft in Slovak or English, and into either of these languages. Our partners who specialize in translation into other languages can translate the document into any language you require. Simply tell us which powers you wish to delegate and we will do everything for you and have a finished document within one working day!

Our team of translators are experienced in completing these documents, and can help you fill out a Power of Attorney for any purpose including passports, property rights, ID cards and ownership delegation.

We have exclusive business relationships with respected Irish solicitors and notaries, who will proofread all legal documents. We will also arrange a personal appointment with the solicitor who has proofread your document at a time convenient to you. The solicitor will explain every detail of the document to you, and will authenticate your signature on the document.

Our services include legalization and Apostille certification of any document, including Power of Attorney documents. To find out if this is necessary for you or to avail of this service, please contact us! We are the only translation agency in Ireland to offer a comprehensive consultation free of charge in either English or Slovak to suit your individual preferences. You can reach us by email at mateusz@ales.ie, or call us on 0085 103 52 52. Alternatively, why not call into our conveniently located Dublin offices in person – click here for information on how to find us and to arrange a personal appointment with a member of our dedicated team!