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Certification, Notarization and Apostille Services

Understanding the complexities of foreign legal systems can be demanding and obtaining the required certification of your document time-consuming. Simply post your original documents to us and we will take care of everything for you! Please contact us for a free, impartial consultation on which certification type is right for you.

Our certification services:

  • All translations we have completed are issued with Slovak translator certification and our translation agency stamp. The cost of this is included in the quote for the translation, although a small additional charge may be levied if additional certified copies are requested.
  • Authentication of Slovak translator certification by a solicitor or notary
  • Notarized Slovak translations - The translation is attached to a copy of the original and a statutory declaration, and then issued with the stamp of a registered notary public. This will cause the document to be recognized as official in foreign countries. This is most commonly the case for translated civil documents such as marriage certificates, and may also require Apostille legalization.
  • Legalization of Slovak translations – may be essential if the documents are to be used in a country in which Slovak is not the official language.
  • True copy of the original certification – often demanded by foreign countries to be supplied with the official translation.
  • Slovak translation validation of any translation you already possess and wish to use. This will enable us to perform any or our other certification services on the translation.

Apostille certification of Slovak documents

The Apostille certification is a special stamp of authentication issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin. It verifies the country of origin of the documents, the identities of all signatories on the document including that of the authority issuing the certification, and also the document under which the document was signed.

This certification may be demanded of any document by any country signed up to the Hague Convention of 1961 before that country will recognize the document as official and legally valid. Please contact us at mateusz@ales.ie or on 085 103 52 52 for an impartial consultation on whether this certification is necessary for you. Alternatively, we recommend you visit our partners at www.apostille.ie for more information.

In our extensive experience, the most common documents to be sent for Apostille certification include:

  • Notarized translations and original documents including Power of Attorney, marital status documents and marriage certificates, police clearance documents and immigration documentation
  • Adoption certificates, birth certificates
  • Corporate and business documents including tax registrations, merger certificates, investment memoranda, annual and audit committee reports
  • Education certificates including degrees and diplomas

The list above is just an example of such documents - if you have a document listed above which you need issued with Apostille certification, please contact us and we will find a solution for you! We can also translate a document after it has been issued with Apostille certification, although it is most common for the translation to be certified by Apostille stamp. Please click here for our full range of translation services, or contact us for more information.

Uniquely, we can offer the exclusive service of Apostille certification in foreign countries including Russia in which we have partner offices, and will take care of everything for you including courier delivery to that country. Please contact us for a list of countries in which we can offer this service.

We encourage all our loyal and prospective customers to contact us with any queries regarding any of our services. We are the only translation agency in Ireland to offer a comprehensive consultation free of charge in either English or Slovak to suit your individual preferences. You can reach us by email at mateusz@ales.ie, or call us on 085 103 52 52. Alternatively, why not call into our conveniently located Dublin offices in person – click here for information on how to find us and to arrange a personal appointment with a member of our dedicated team!


Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation on any of our services. Our experienced, certified Slovak translators and interpreters can handle all queries in Slovak or English for you convenience. We strive for perfection and thrive on customer satisfaction, however if you are not 100% satisfied with any service we have provided you, please contact us in the first instance. We will do everything we can to find a solution for you.

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